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Black in Advertising + Media Bracelet

ENRICH’D Media, in collaboration with Ilia by Tatiana Ilia presents the Limited Edition Black I Am bracelet. The Black I Am (an acronym for Black in Advertising and Media) bracelet was created with the purpose of bringing awareness to the lack of diversity in the advertising and media industries, and the challenges Black people face as professionals in Corporate America. The Black I Am bracelet is meant to be a sign of solidarity amongst Black professionals who work in media and advertising and as a pledge to advocate and rally for change within the industries.


Crafted with Black professionals in mind, the bracelet features onyx beads to help release negativity and provide protection and strength. The single magenta Tiger Eye bead provides courage, balance and soothes anxiety.


50% of Black I Am  bracelet proceeds will be donated to non-profit Color of Change. Color of Change leads campaigns that build real power for Black communities. The organization challenges injustice, holds corporate and political leaders accountable, commissions game-changing research on systems of inequality, and advances solutions for racial justice that can transform our world. Sales of the Black I Am bracelet will assist Color of Change in the goal of ending practices that unfairly hold Black people back.


The ENRICH’D Media and Ilia by Tatiana Ilia Limited Edition Collaboration Black I Am bracelet retails for $40 and will be available for a limited time only via

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