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Being Black in Corporate America, Raven Maven’s First Panel as an ENRICH’D Media Content Partner

New York, NY – Raven Maven, the talk show for Black stories is set to host, Being Black in Corporate America: A Townhall on Thursday, July 23rd. Being Black in Corporate America will be a live virtual panel moderated by Raven Maven Host and Executive Producer Latoya Burris.

Raven Maven, a video content series dedicated to highlighting all things Black culture and spotlighting creatives and entrepreneurs of the African Diaspora, has been in production since 2017.

To amplify its mission of creating Black-focused content, Raven Maven recently signed a partnership with ENRICH’D Media, a content and ad network dedicated to the growth and monetization of Minority-created content. Latoya Burris says she’s “confident this partnership will enhance the [Raven Maven] brand. Through this new partnership Raven Maven will have the support needed to strengthen its content and brand experience–digitally and beyond.”

Being Black in Corporate America is Raven Maven’s first project as an ENRICH’D Media content partner. The townhall was a collaborative idea between Burris and ENRICH’D Media Founder, Curize Richards. “We’re currently experiencing a racial upheaval, and it should impact all areas including Corporate America,” notes Richards. “Our hope is the townhall will provide a purview into the challenges Black people face in Corporate America.”

Being Black in Corporate America will feature Black professionals across different industries, sharing their thoughts, experiences and opinions. Featured panelists include Lande Yoosuf; Founder of Black Film Space, One Scribe Media and Writer/Director of the race charged short film Privileged Unhinged, as well as Jameer Pond; award-winning media personality, co-host of BET digital series Black Coffee and Producer at Buzzfeed.

“We want the townhall to offer insight into navigating professional advancement despite challenges and elicit ideas for actionable change,” says Burris. “Raven Maven and ENRICH’D Media are confident the panel discussion will ignite thought and spark ideas for change.”

Being Black in Corporate America: A Townhall will stream live on Thursday, July 23rd at 6pm EST. You won’t want to miss this honest, thought-provoking conversation during this pivotal time in history.

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