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ENRICH’D Media Pluses-up its Content with Plus Size Lifestyle Brand Shapely

New York, NY – ENRICH’D Media is continuing to expand its portfolio of content partners to include another under-represented demographic with Shapely, the go-to digital lifestyle brand for the plus size community.

Since 2014, Shapely has been delivering positive content and experiences developed by and for people of size. As the premier expert in all things plus, Shapely is solely dedicated to advocating for, and enhancing the lives of plus size people everywhere.

“We are super excited to formally announce our Content Partnership with Shapely,” said ENRICH’D Media Founder Curize Richards. “The Shapely team has been and continues to do amazing things through the brand, a brand that the plus size community loves and embraces as their own.”

Iya Thomas, Shapely’s Founder, is a Black Woman, who is also plus size. “I found myself searching for lifestyle enriching activities that offered a comfortable environment where encouragement was abundant, and judgement was scarce. It was so cumbersome. There had to be a better way. So, I started Shapely Events as a way to centralize event information. 6 years later, Shapely has grown into so much more than an events directory. It has become a lifestyle beacon and cultural resource for the plus size community.”

Through its content partnership with ENRICH’D Media, Shapely is now better positioned to develop advertiser opportunities on its robust platform of content and events, including Shapely TV, a digital talk show, The Weigh-In Podcast and the brand’s signature events Fat & Active and Shapely Ski.

When asked why she felt Shapely was a right fit for ENRICH’D Media, Richards said: “Shapely offers the same type of content as Cosmo and Men’s and Women’s Health magazines. The key differentiator is the content is created by and for people of size. Iya brings a different perspective to this niche as a plus size Black woman. That’s what makes Shapely unique, and unique is what we look for at ENRICH’D.”

The Shapely and ENRICH’D teams are currently working on Shapely’s go-to-market strategy. For Shapely’s founder, “the is goal is not only to drive awareness of Shapely, but to evangelize the value of the plus size consumer and the community as a whole.”

Learn more about Shapely and the ENRICH’D content partnership at

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