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Fine Wine Series Makes Post Pandemic Come-Back with ENRICH’D Media Partnership.

New York, NY – If you’ve never heard of Fine Wine Series, get ready to!

Fine Wine Series (FWS) is the hottest wine experiential brand targeting Black Millennials. The series of annual events are one-of-a-kind experiences rooted in wine and music. “Fine Wine events create a unique aspirational atmosphere for Black Millennials to mingle and enjoy wine, all while partying to music that has been–and continues to be–the soundtrack of their life,” says JC Canal, Co-Founder of FWS. The experiential brand has reached over 7,000 attendees through its series of wine events and festivals across some of the country’s major cities and continues to grow exponentially year after year.

FWS was set to host its biggest events in 2020, but due to the global crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, all events were temporarily put on hold. Co-Founder Buchi Osondu says “now that the country is open, the demand for Fine Wine events is higher than ever before.” Higher than ever being an understatement as tickets for the first Fine Wine Series post-pandemic event sold out in just a week.

The highly anticipated Summer 2021 Classy Carnival themed Fine Wine event is set for Saturday, August 14th at FedExField in the DMV Metro area.

“Fine Wine Series is becoming the Black Millennial’s rite of passage. We liken it to the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, but for Black people.” says Osondu.

FWS is the holy grail of festivals not only for Black consumers but also for brands looking to reach an engaged Black audience. Brands are vying to get-in on Fine Wine’s Midas Touch, which is why the experience platform inked an exclusive partnership with ENRICH’D Media.

ENRICH’D Media, the self-proclaimed Agent of Culture, is a content alliance offering advertising brands access to engaged multicultural audiences via niche digital content and experiences–created by people of color.

“Brands have been waiting for an event like Fine Wine,” said ENRICH’D Media Founder Curize “Reece” Richards. “The Fine Wine Series audience is one of cultural influence-they are young, black, professional tastemakers, or, as I like to call them, Young, Gifted and Black. ENRICH’D Media’s role is to evangelize the value proposition of Fine Wine Series and its audience to potential advertisers and sponsors.”

“We are super excited to formally announce our partnership with ENRICH’D,” says Canal. “Through this partnership Fine Wine Series has the support needed to strengthen its revenue growth, allowing us to reinvest in the brand and create more experiences Black Millennials want and need.”

FWS is just getting started. The experience brand’s goal is to become the Black Millennial’s Coachella. “Fine Wine Series shows the potential to be one of the biggest festivals by and for Black people,” says Richards. There is nothing finer than that.

To learn more about Fine Wine Series and for Fine Wine Series partnership opportunities email


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