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For Advertising and Media Professionals, ‘Wear Your Blackness’ Has New Meaning

New York, NY – ENRICH’D Media, a newly launched agency and media company is collaborating with Ilia by Tatiana Ilia jewelry brand to bring awareness to the lack of diversity in the media and advertising industries with the Black I Am Bracelet.

ENRICH’D Media, the self-proclaimed Agent of Culture, is a content alliance offering advertising brands access to engaged multicultural audiences via niche digital content and experiences–created by people of color. “ENRICH’D Media is a platform for Black content creators–the culture-makers, to join together in disrupting the media advertising industry by monetizing our own content,” says ENRICH’D Media Founder Curize Richards, a 15-year media advertising professional. “ENRICH’D Media was created to disrupt the industry paradigm, including the lack of diverse employee representation within media companies and creative and ad agencies.”

Black Americans only represent approximately 5% of the advertising, marketing and communications industry workforce. The lack of representation and inclusivity is what sparked Richards’ inspiration for the bracelet, with “Black I Am” being an acronym for “Black in Advertising and Media.”

“Living through a global pandemic, launching a start-up and witnessing a racial upheaval ignited a desire in me to act. I wanted to do something to call attention to my and other Black professionals’ experience in Corporate America.” said Richards.

Richards called-on Tatiana Ilia, founder of Ilia by Tatiana Ilia to collaborate on a bracelet that would shed light on the need for diversity and inclusion in media and advertising, and the challenges Black people face as professionals in these industries. Richards says, “The Black I Am Bracelet is meant to be a sign of solidarity amongst Black professions who work in media and advertising and as a pledge to advocate and rally for change within the industries.”

“My hope for the Black I Am Bracelet, is to create awareness and encourage action,” said Ilia. “I am so excited about the collaboration and look forward to the bracelet becoming a symbol of change.”

The special collaboration Black I Am Bracelet is available to purchase for a limited time on the Ilia by Tatiana Ilia website: A percentage of the bracelet proceeds will go to non-profit Color of Change to assist in the goal of ending practices that unfairly hold Black people back.

Learn more about ENRICH’D Media and the Black I Am Bracelet at

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